OMD-2008 EV FC MCU with Flow Control

The OMD-2008 EV FC MCU is equipped with a Flow Sensor. The Flow Sensor is positioned in the Drain line of the Measuring Cell.

If the flow rate through the Measuring Cell is too low, or if the sample is not flowing at all, the Instrument will go to Alarm condition and issue a “Status: Flow?” message. According to MEPC.107(49) the 15ppm Bilge Alarm has to be provided with a representative sample, i.e. the operator of the instrument is responsible to maintain a proper sample flow through the instrument. The recommended sample flow rate for Deckma instruments is approx. 2 Liters per Minute. At this flow rate, with a common setup of separator and 15ppm Bilge Alarm, it is easily possible to reliably operate the instrument, and to ensure the required short reaction time to changes in the oil content of the effluent water. The instrument does not know about the sample stream flow rate. If circumstances lead to interruptions of the sample flow, or if the sample flow is stopped completely, the portion of the sample that is in the sample glass tube will be measured continuously. The instrument will display the same measurement result for a long time, but it may fail to adequately react to changes in the overboard discharge water oil content. For many years the OMD series instruments have had a dedicated input to connect a flow switch to monitor the sample flow rate. However, not many installation have been made with an additional flow switch. A more easy solution had to be found, a solution that does not require additional pipework, or electrical work, on site. The new OMD-2008 EV FC MCU version of the OMD-2008 instrument come with a flow sensor that measures the sample flow rate, and automatically sets the instrument into alarm condition, if a sufficient flow rate is not maintained. Constructed to make accidental flow interruptions, incorrectly closed valves, and a missing sample stream harmless events that do not lead to unlawful discharge, the OMD-2008 EV FC MCU also makes manipulation and tinkering with the instrument setup much less rewarding. Additionally for the OMD-2008 EV FC MCU instruments a Manual Cleaning Unit (MCU) is available. This system allows to quickly clean the sample glass tube without having to open the Measuring Cell. With the MCU maintenance of the system becomes very easy, ensuring high reliability and reduced maintenance workload.

EV = Electric Valve for sample water / clean water
FC = Flow Control
MCU = Manual Cell Clean Unit

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0 – 30 ppm, Trend indication 50ppm
According IMO MEPC. 107(49)
Up to 30 ppm better than ± 2 %
Yellow Graphic Display
Power Supply:
24 V - 240V AC or DC, Automatic Voltage selection
Alarm Points 1+2:
Adjustable between 1 - 15 ppm (Works adjustment 15 ppm)
Alarm 1 Operating Delay: (for annunciation purpose)
Adjustable between 1 – 540 sec. (Works adjustment 2 sec)
Alarm 2 Operating Delay: (for control purposes)
Adjustable between 1 – 10 sec. (Works adjustment 10 sec)
System Fault Alarm:
Alarm Contact Rating:
Potential free 1 pole change over contacts, 3 A / 240 V
Alarm Indication:
Red LEDs
Output Signal:
0 – 20 mA or 4 – 20 selectable active current loop, ext. Load < 150 Ohm
Clean Water Pressure:
0-6 bar
Sample Water Pressure:
0,1 - 6 bar
Sample Flow:
Approx. 0,6 - 3 l/min depend. to pressure
Ambient Temperature:
+ 1 to + 55° C
Sample Water Temperature:
+ 1 to + 65° C
Size (Computer Unit):
200 mm W x 200 mm H x 100 mm D
Size (EV-FC-MCU Arrangement):
150 mm W x 290 mm H x 140 mm D
Degree of Protection:
IP 65
5,9 kg


Technical specifications are subject to change without notification