OMD-32 Series

The OMD-32 Oil-in-Water Monitor has been designed specifically for use in conjunction with oil-water separator units. The OMD-32 has been constructed using technology of the DECKMA HAMBURG OMD series industrial instruments and 15ppm Bilge Alarm Monitors, that have a specification and performance which exceeds the requirements of the International Maritime Organization specifications for 15ppm Oil-in-Water Monitors contained in Resolution MEPC. 107 (49).The OMD-32 unit is supplied with 2 works-adjusted alarms at 10 ppm. Other set points are possible (e.g. 100ppm) and can be adjusted on site at any time by using the buttons at the front panel.If an alarm set point is exceeded, the alarms are visible at the front panel and the appropriate relays are switched. In case of malfunction the System LED at the front panel will change from blinking green to permanent red, and a system fault relay contact is switched. A 0(4) - 20 mA signal output is available for driving a recorder or external meter.
0 – 200 ppm
1ppm (0.1 ppm below 10ppm)
up to +/- 1ppm below 10ppm
Response time
< 5s
Sample Water Pressure
>max. 10 bar
Sample Flow
typ. 2 Liter / min
Sample Water Temperature
up to 90° C
Power Supply
24 V – 240V AC or DC
Power Consumption
< 10 VA
ppm Alarm
2  adjustable ( independent, entire range )
ppm Alarms delay
2 adjustable ( independent, from 1 sec. up to 540 sec.)
ppm Alarm visual indication
2 Red LEDs
ppm Alarms Contact Rating
2 Potential free 1 pole change over contacts, 3 A / 240 VAC
System Fault Alarm visual indication:
System Fault Alarm Contact Rating
Potential free 1 pole change over contact, 3 A / 240 VAC
Output Signal
0(4) – 20 mA, ext. Load < 150 W,  Output range adjustable
Cleaning System*
Automatic, pneumatically operated
Cleaning system air pressure*
2.5 - 6 bar, typ. <0.1 Liter / hour
Ambient Temperature
+ 1 to + 55° C
360 mm W x 240 mm H x 120 mm D
Distance(Computer Unit to Measuring Cell)
Option: up to 5m upon request
Degree of Protection
IP 65
4 kg
Pipe Connections*
R ¼" Female



* Different versions and configurations available.